The peeps!

The peeps!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor!!!!

We are in the middle of birthday celebrations around here! Today is our first grandpeep' s fourth birthday! We are going to celebrate like crazy at his party this weekend.

It does not seem possible that you can be a four year old now. Oh my goodness how PawPaw and I love you. You hold the distinct honor of making us PawPaw and GiGi!! Nothing makes us smile like you coming to stay with us. You are such a sweet, sweet boy. I know you won't really like that label your whole life but right now I can tell you that.

I love this picture of you cause it represents how you approach everything right now - with great abandon and no inhibitions. You can do that when you are four!
This face is so precious to me. Like you are up to something. And you usually are! You love to be at the farm and do "farm stuff". Mostly just ride stuff with wheels and hang out with PawPaw and Old Paw. We love you being there.
I just like this picture of you. You are so handsome.
And this picture is just you. Busy with something and just being all boy. And are you ever! We cannot get over how smart you are. You say the funniest things. Like telling me PawPaw and I are now the Prince and the Princess! And the other day when you said,"PawPaw, when you die and go to heaven you get to be with Jesus."
"That's right Connor."
"I went to heaven one time PawPaw."
Laughter from us and then "I don't think so Connor."
"Okay, well what did you see if you went to heaven?"
"Hearts, hearts, hearts everywhere."
HMMM. Maybe he is on to something. We pray for you every day that you will grow to be just who God wants you to be. He has a great and perfect plan for your life. We love you with all our hearts and cannot wait to see you on Saturday! Hope your day is just as special as you are and we will see you before you know it!
Love to the sky and back!
PawPaw, GiGi and Aunt Savannah

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