The peeps!

The peeps!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Fun

Around our house we think birthday celebrations should be milked for all you can get! So we have been celebrating baby girl's birthday for two days. She had several of her best girlies over last night and did what all 15 year olds do. Eat, giggle, and stay up late. They had so much fun making memories. Then we all got up this morning and headed to the bowling alley for some more partying. It has been awhile since that many girls have been at the house all getting ready at the same time. Sweet man just went outside. Bless his heart. We also believe in a lot of sugar on our birthdays, seeing as how calories don't count when it's your birthday!

Christine is so cute and she is always making these sugar cookies that are out of this world. She made these special for Savannah.

Daughter in-love came over yesterday and helped me make these cupcakes for today. Aren't they so cute! I piped the icing on them this morning and had more fun than I could stand, I just wanted to keep piping on anything I could get my hands on.

Savannah and her two big brothers. Check out Josh's shirt. He is the fashionista of the family. :) He is also the best bowler in the family.

Jon and Christine. She looks innocent and sweet but she is a shark at the bowling alley. She and Josh made us all look lame.

This next picture cracks me up. I try so hard to get Graham to look at me and smile and I finally get him to and snap the picture and look at Connor! He is a mess!

Connor loves his Aunt Sabanna.

The bowling extraordinaires!

Jodi and Connor. His grin still looks mischievous.

The two grandpeeps got to bowl too. I think even they bowled better than GiGi did!

A great morning with family and then home for a nap!!! Spring Break next week. So excited to have some time to do what I want and get caught up on some things while we have some great weather. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. happy birthday savannah. we love you and are proud of you.