The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday we celebrated Jodi's 23rd birthday. However, we were a month late in our celebrating! It is hard to get everyone together when everyone's schedule is so busy. We had a great time having a girly day. We went to lunch and then shopped the remainder of the afternoon. Two things we excel at- eating and shopping! Here is the birthday girla sporting her new hairstyle.
Jodi and her main squeeze -her son and my grandson Connor.

All my best girl peeps: Mama, me, Jodi, Savannah and Laura.

I am so blessed to have such great women in my life. There is no one I would rather have spent the day with than my mother, my daughters and my daughter-in-love. They are all so beautiful-not only on the outside but most importantly on the inside. Thanks Jodi for letting us celebrate with you.
I love you to the sky and back!!!!!!! Again, some more too!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


My two grandpeeps. Sometimes I think my heart will burst I love them so much. Aren't they precious in PawPaw's hats? We had such a great time with Connor. Our house is too quiet tonight. They all bailed on us. Our Saturdays are usually filled with one set of our kids here. Even Savannah bailed to go to her Mimi's house. We actually spent the day with Mama and Daddy. Had a wonderful day with them and she didn't want to leave. Isn't it funny how all kids love being with their grandparents? Jon and I both miss our grandparents so very much. We were blessed with getting to spend a lot of time with them and we never take that blessing for granted. Now we are grandparents. And oh how we love it.
Too quiet around here and as my father-in-law used to say "Look at all the bobie tracks." (evidence of rambunctious, wild, deliciously fun grandbabies!!!!!).