The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stretching it out

I feel like this is somewhat like the day before I go back to school at the end of summer. Well, we actually go back in the middle of the summer here in the sweltering humid South, but who is paying attention to that other than people with bouffant hair like moi! The last day of Christmas break. I am trying so hard to extend it. I keep lounging in my pj's, eating, reading, eating, cooking, eating, thinking about taking down my Christmas decorations, eating, watching movies I have already seen a zillion times, eating, looking at my pics from Christmas and grinning from ear to ear. It has been a great break. Did I mention I have been eating a lot? I have rested and spent a lot of quality time with all my peeps that I love so much.  Lots of quiet time by myself and lots of not so quiet time with  my family. I am most thankful for the past two weeks.

During my devotion this morning I came across one of my favorite verses that I posted in my header. How appropriate at the beginning of a new year and a new decade. Who am I Lord and what is my family that you have brought me thus far? I am a long way from where I started with God and thank goodness not where I will be further down the road with Him.  I know that before I can fully dive into what a new year holds I needed to look back at where all He and I have been the past year. How humbling it is to look back at prayer requests and trials I went through and see how He worked it all for good. Lots of blessings to behold this year. I have lived long enough to know that you can be up one minute and the wind knocked out of you the next. However I am so thankful that I am at the point in my life I trust He is in control. I may not like it at the time but I do know He is in control.

So back to the daily grind tomorrow. I am thankful for that too. Thankful for my job that I needed a rest from, but I love it so much. Can't wait for the fresh faces of newbies as a new semester begins. I wonder at all the ways this group will change me. Cause each group does, in their own way make me different at the end of the semester than I was at the beginning. So I will enjoy these fleeting moments with my man tonight. I have something simmering on the stove that smells so delicious he will mourn me going back to work as well!

Seems only fitting to end my break with something good to eat - I haven't eaten much lately!



  1. Just stopping by to tell you I love you and your a great "momma". Even though I may not show it all the time you set a great example fo me and I hope to be just like you. Big hair and all! LOVE YOU TO THE SKY AND BACK!!!!!!
    -savannah (the favorite daughter)

  2. So glad you got to rest for a few days. I've enjoyed Savannah being here. Can't wait to hear how dinner turned out:)