The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crazy Love

I finished Crazy Love.  Right now all I know to say is "Wow." I keep thinking over and over about all Francis Chan said and I am certain I will have to re-read. It was amazing and heart wrenching. And eye-opening and soul-searching. I would love to tell you what was my favorite part but I don't know. It is not a book that I can say,"Oh I loved it when Chan said......." Because rather than being a book that I read that I will tell everyone how much I loved it, I think maybe that I will tell others I read it and was reminded how much God loves me and how challenged I am to ask,"How do I show God I love Him?" Do I look at my life and say,"God is so good and has blessed me so much. Thank you God for all you do for me." Or will I look at it and say, "WHO am I Lord, that you love me so? WHO am I telling about You? WHO can see You in me? WHO am I loving in Your Son's name?"
It was a preaching book if you get what  I am saying. Chan quotes Annie Dillard, "How you spend your days is how you are living your life."  Preaching book. I will read it again.

On to the new book! Sometimes I teach some precious ones that love to read and discuss with me what they are reading long after they have left my classroom. I love when they make book recommendations and feel it only fair that since they read what I made them read, that in turn I follow their lead. I taught a brilliant young lady who is attending Stanford and she is always emailing me her papers, wanting my opinion on what her professors have shared, and passing on books she thinks I might like. So I am finally getting around to one of her recommendations - The Unforgiving Minute. It is a soldiers account of his time spent in defending our freedoms. So far I am riveted by it. The author writes in such a way as to draw you in immediately to his story. While school is going on I don't get through my books as quickly as normal, but I will let you know my final thoughts when I am done. Anyone else read this?

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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  1. Mrs. Cheney, our small groups at church are starting Crazy Love tonight! Glad you posted what you did....I'm anxious to start it! I love reading your blog-it is so encouraging in a world that is so often discouraging! I am thankful for you and your desire to make Him known! Keep sharing!!
    Much love,