The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

Well it is the day football fans around the world dream of, wait for and celebrate with all manner of football traditions. Me, well I don't so much care for football. I know, I know what a terrible day to make that confession. But I don't. I love to watch my high school football team because I teach them. I like for LSU to win and last years Superbowl was a proud moment for us Louisianians. But overall - I could care less. There I said it. Say about me what you dare. There are many other things I would rather do with my Sunday afternoons. Like take a nap or read a book. However one thing does get me excited about Superbowl Sunday - it is a chance to have a party at my house and as much as I don't like football - I do like having a P-A-R-T-Y!!!!!! Why you ask - the food - duh! I love any reason to cook for my gathering of peeps. Last year I got entirely out of hand. Because it was our home state team I felt it necessary to cook all manner of things Cajun. I cooked so much food I was too tired when it was time to eat! Sweet man asked me to tone it down this year (he hardly ever does that - more is better is his motto usually!) so I could enjoy the game with him. Oh, okay.
He started asking me who my pick was for the game. Who was I going to root for? Well I said, Who is playing? Are you for real he asked. He told me and I told him I would study up on the stats and give him my very professional opinion. I have looked at the stats, examined each teams colors to see which I like better, studied their quarterbacks and made the following decision - I choose Green Bay. Great choice he said. Did you pick them because they are favored to win? No. I picked them cause Mandy, our niece is in Wisconsin and I want her to know her family supports her!!!! Therefore, I am officially a "cheesehead" for the next several hours.
Here is a sampling of our pregame fare:

Sweet man saw these on TV and thought they would be good. Tostito shells with taco meat and cheese. You can dress up with guacamole, sour cream.....endless possibilities.

Baby girl requested these. Kelly over at Kelly's Korner makes them and we love them. Here is a link to the recipe :
Can't have a party without spinach dip and pita chips!!!! I usually make my spinach dip but I remembered Sweet Man said take it easy - Sam's. Doesn't get any easier than that.

Wings, Wings, Wings!

And more wings.

Okay. I cannot tell you how delicious this cinnamon-chocolate fudge is. Yes that is salt on top but oh it is sooooooo yummmmmyyyyyy!. Giada made it the other night. I thought if I could eat fudge and look like Giada it was worth a shot. Here is this super easy recipe:

And this is the meal!!! My gumbo. Easy, simple and delicious. So I think I may enjoy rooting on my team of Packers this evening. I will have lots to eat, lots of fun fellowship and Mandy  - Aunt Michelle supports you!!!! 

Hope everyone enjoys their day and football game. Have a great weekend.

Cheesehead Blessings!


  1. We are playing with comments.

  2. Everything was soooo good!!! We had lots of fun :)

  3. Yummy! Richard and I got home last night from the SB party we went to and he said "I can't believe no one brought wings!"..I told him he should have gone to your house!