The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Grandpeeps and "Outside"

What beautiful weather we have had the past several days!! We had the great joy of having our sweet grandpeep while his momma and daddy had some grown-up time. So important for all of them to do. We derived the most pleasure as we got to have Graham all to ourselves. He is the sweetest, best baby. He NEVER cried or whined the entire time he was here. Whatever you told him to do - he just did it. My oh my is he darling. I have never seen a child enjoy "outside" (he says this about 100 times a day!) as much as he does. When he would be ready to eat he would grab my hand, take me to the kitchen and say, "cook". Precious. He and his PawPaw had some good male bonding watching tractor videos every morning. This boy loves tractors. We will be celebrating his two year birthday in a few days with a big ole tractor party.
He loves his Aunt Bana!

Getting ready for pancakes at the Cross Country fund raiser. Our time went too quickly and then he had to go home. He was happy to see his parents, but oh we missed him when he left. Today we went to see my parents and do some work at the farm. What a gorgeous day it was. We got a lot of work done and enjoyed hanging out with Mama and Daddy.

I love this tree. When it blooms it will be a sight.

The road heading into the woods. The lighting is pretty in this picture.

Then as our day was coming to an end, God gave us this beautiful dusky pink sky to admire. I love His handiwork. Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys their week coming up. Several of my school peeps and I are about to start the Couch to 5K again. Can't wait to get back in the habit of running every week.
Have a blessed week!

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  1. I know Graham had so much fun:) He's been talking about y'all today...which I think is really sweet. Thanks again for keeping him...we really appreciated it:)