The peeps!

The peeps!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The PawPaw Chronicles

What a glorious Christmas weekend we have had!!! Lots of family, fellowship, food, fun and thanking our Lord for our many blessings - most of all His Son. However, no matter where we were the past couple of days there was one repeated element.One thing I have heard over and over and over again. Not "present", not "mine", not anything of the like. I have had my two grandboys around the last few days and if I have heard this once I have heard it a thousand times. "PAWPAW" These two are eaten up with their PawPaw. They follow him everywhere and if one crawls in his lap you can bet the green-eyed other one is close behind. They adore him. And I am sick of it! Oh, they love me too especially when it is snack time or chocolate milk time but for all intents and purposes these two are PawPaw's boys. I think it's because he has the big boy toys. 4-wheeler, tractor, loud truck. Just boy stuff and these two are all boy.
This is where you will find them most of the time - right in PawPaw's lap.

Or building stuff with PawPaw.

Or singing "the PawPaw blues".

"Hey Look how cool we are- making music with PawPaw!"

"Play it again PawPaw!"

"Oh wait for me - I want in your lap too!"

"Is PawPaw coming back soon.? PawPaw? PawPaw where are you? You got out of our sight for 10 seconds and we don't like it! PawPaw"
"Yes sweet boys do you want to play with GiGi?"
"Um, no but can you go get PawPaw?"

A boy, his PawPaw and his tractor. Life is great!

But it just got better - I got my own tractor!!!
"Graham who drives the tractor?"
Who do you love?"
"Anyone else"

"I just want to be with PawPaw."

So as you can see I have a dilemma. And only Jeremy and Laura can fix it - I NEED A GRANDGIRL!!!!!!

ps - I love that these boys love their PawPaw and he is just as eaten up with them.
How blessed we are and thankful for our precious time with our family!

Blessings from PawPawville,

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  1. Yes, they are a little OBSESSED and it sure is sweet! Maybe I'll start thinking about the grandgirl thing :)