The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

I adore Christmas time!! I love all the twinkling lights all over my house. Early morning quiet time with my bible, coffee and staring at my lights makes me so content. Wish I could freeze those moments. Here are a few of my favorites this morning:

Our nativity tree nestled in the corner in the dining room. It makes me happy every time I pass it.

I love the theme trees that many people do, however I am a die hard traditionalist. Every ornament on my tree has some special meaning. It was made or given as a gift from someone. This one says, "Our First Christmas Together 1990". My husband and I were dating and he and his three little ones gave this to me. It is still one of my favorite gifts ever received. So thankful that it was the first of many Christmas' together.

We love to put out the things our kids made. Baby girl in all her toothless splendor! She has brought us much joy.

I can't help it - I think these homemade ornaments are the most beautiful because of the precious little hands that made them.

It is hard to see Jeremy in this picture but he will be 28 on Christmas day!

Sweet girla and her big pink bow. Here she is below with her sweet baby boy.

I take our Christmas cards and put them on the tree as I get them.

More sweet faces that I love with all my heart.

Our niece and nephew who are away at Missionary school and are expecting their first little one! I love how their happiness just radiates from them.

Two of my favorite people on earth - my in-loves. So much to be thankful for this year with them. I guess that is another reason I love my tree - it makes me take stock of not only the past year, but also just the past. All that there is to be thankful for. The good and the not so good. What a life of memories our tree holds. Have a blessed Lord's day!


  1. I love all the handmade ornaments too!!! And I must say I LOVE your nativity tree. Whoever helped you do that did a great job!! :)

  2. Thanks!! My personal decorator helped me. I will get you her number! Her name is Little LL.