The peeps!

The peeps!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday Morning

Nothing important - nothing earth-shattering to write about. Just thinking how much the simple things in life bring me the sweetest joy. Sitting in my favorite chair on this cozy rainy day listening to baby girl play the piano and sing about Jesus in the other room. My prayer is that those words become Truth in her life and not just songs to sing but songs to live. Hoping she uses that gift to always glorify Him. She has been down with a major stomach bug but is bouncing back so she can run like the wind at the State cross country meet this next week.
Only thing wrong with my morning is my sweet man is out of town. Tending to some business but I miss him. Got to cozy up in my bed with a cup of coffee with my favorite pumpkin spice creamer and chat on the phone with my sweet mama. I am so thankful God let her be my mama. She is my dearest friend on earth next to Jon.
Like I said, nothing major just a sweet Saturday morning, resting in the comfort of all things that are good right now. Thank you Lord for all my blessings.


  1. One other thing was missing......ME!!!!! I always like our visits we have while sippin our coffee :) Love you and I'm so glad Savannah is feeling better.

  2. Well I just called you to tell you I wish you were here right now!!!! I love our visits too - another thing I am thankful for. Love you!

  3. Mrs. Cheney,
    You have been so encouraging to us! Thank you for your prayers and sweet words! It's incredible to know that in this battle, we aren't fighting alone! I love seeing your family grow and keeping up with you guys. Can't wait to share baby William through the blog with you.
    Much love,