The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

40 Years

Thanksgiving day was my mama's birthday and also her anniversary.  The Lord blessed me with four wonderful parents, and this particular set celebrated 40 years of marriage. He didn't just marry her he married me too! I often say he got a package deal. Mama was the package and I was the deal!

 Don't they look like babies! My mama is beautiful. Even more so now than she was then.
This was them on Friday night when all the "fruit" of their forty years got together to celebrate them. They are the most generous, kind  people I know and we love spending time with them.

Here they are toasting each other.

This is a cake my sister ordered and it was so delicious. We have eaten so much over the last week I am going to have to go to food rehab. The bell topper on this cake is the one that was on their original cake and my sisters and I all three used it on our wedding cakes.

The house was full of people who love my parents. Here is my sweet daughter-in-love, my daddy's sister and my mama's sister-in-law. They are all a blast to be around.

My sweet sisters and myself. We truly are the joy of our parents lives! That, or the bane of their existence! Depends upon which day you ask them! We each gave our parents their share of grief. Them more than me! Not really, our parents disciplined us but loved us tremendously. They love our husbands like they are their own sons and tell them that often.

Brother and sister. I love that they enjoy being together.

Connor just got back from putting out deer corn. :)

Graham is just - well look at him - he is just darling!

My mama, me, my girls and my grandpeeps.

Mama is always ready to offer her advice and wisdom when asked. After dinner she shared with us what the last forty years have been to her. We were thankful she didn't say it was like wandering in the wilderness! However she did let us know that marriage is hard but if you stick with it you do reach the Promised Land and it is much better than any fairy tale you think about when you are a newlywed. She told us that marriage is not spelled "happy" but "commitment". True that. My parents have been the best kind of example when it comes to persevering through the tough times and marriage is tough. But so worth it.

Mama and Daddy,
We all love you both so much and are so thankful for the blessing you are to each of our lives. Happy Anniversary and we can't wait until your 50th, when Daddy takes us all to Hawaii!!Wink, Wink. We all know it will probably be to the deer stand but that is okay too!


  1. What a sweet post! You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Love the tribute to your parents...your Mama was quite the package and you are quite the deal :-D!


  2. Yes...your parents did look like babies. Had lots of fun celebrating their 40th with everyone. Wish I had more of that cake right now:)

  3. It was a perfect night to celebrate and honor them and acknowledge the wonderful example they are to us and our children on what marriage is all about. Love you...Laura-I have a chunk of that cake at my house!!!