The peeps!

The peeps!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This morning I am sitting in my favorite cozy chair in the corner and am mentally preparing for the next couple of days. I mean that in a good way not a negative one. Right now things are very silent in my house and over the next two days it will fill up with my loved ones and I won't be able to hear myself think. I can't wait!

A couple of days ago I began writing down all the scriptures I found about thanks, thankfulness and thanksgiving. Over and over I read how we are to give thanks in all circumstances, thank him in the morning and the evening. Be thankful. Overflow with thankfulness. Petition with thanksgiving. Remember and give thanks. Thanksgiving should not be a one time of the year occurence. It should be as natural to us as breathing. A constant state of thanksgiving and gratitude.

I started to think about where all my family members are this morning. Baby girl in her bed, one sweet grandpeep in my bed (which is somewhat like trying to sleep with a helicopter), another grandpeep on the other side of town sleeping in his bed- with his hands pushed up under the bumper pads. Two precious sons on their way to work. A daughter who is getting to sleep in this morning because I have the helicopter in my bed! A daughter-in-law preparing for all the things the day holds for her as a stay at home momma. A husband in his deer stand. A father-in-law who gets to go home today after a SEVENTY day hospital stay. A precious mother-in-law preparing for his homecoming. A mama who I am sure is sipping coffee on her back porch with one of my sisters and the rest of her house guests ( also people I love dearly). A sweet other momma who is hopefully sleeping in. Two wonderful men that are my daddys that are probably on the deer stand. ( We are a strange group of predators!) The sweet girlfriend of our baby boy getting ready for work and she will surely call me today and ask as she always does -"Do you need any help?" Another sister who just celebrated 14 years of marriage. A brother in the presence of the One who gives all these good and indescribable gifts. Thankful. Blessed. Speechless.
So much more I want to write that I am thankful for but right this minute I want to thank Him for my family. They are my heartbeat and I can't understand a God who lavishes His love on me so. Thank you Lord.
To be continued.......

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  1. Beautiful. Love the love love the helicopter :-D. So glad and thankful that God brought us into each others lives again after all these years. Thankful we each took inventory and got to sneak peak into each others lives...if only through the words of these writings and phone calls. What I love the most is that thankfulness should be as natural as breathing. That is what He intended. If we have a thankful ugliness can settle in.

    Many blessings...can't wait to see the photos and hear of the calorie-free food that you cooked up!

    Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend.

    Love you,