The peeps!

The peeps!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Oh how I love lazy Saturday mornings! Sitting in my chair drinking 20 cups of coffee and enjoying the fact that my house is clean and I really don't have anything pressing down on me to get done today. I am a porch monkey and love being on my porch more than anywhere (except my mama's back porch) but the pollen is still so awful you can't bear to be out there longer than 10 minutes. I am ready for summer and long days in the pool with my kids and grandpeeps. It will be here soon.

Baby girl and I are doing the Couch to 5K challenge and the first two weeks went great but then I got the most awful pain in both my knees that I could hardly stand to bend them and I looked 80 when I walked. So after a lot of gnashing of teeth and being frustrated that here I was trying to make a healthy change in my life and being stopped dead from our training, I found out it is just related to my running shoes. Apparently it does matter about the kind of shoe you wear and your foot anatomy. So I am walking again and will be running again by next week. Some days I wonder if exercise is worth it, but then I am reminded that beginning is the hard part and I need to stick with it. Perseverance. Running the Race. Throwing off all that hinders me (20 year olds that whiz past me hinder me and make me sick!). Looking forward and knowing that even in the mundane things of life like exercising, my God gives me strength where I am weak.

This post is quite random but I think my day shall be also. I stole a gadget from my friend over at Shiny Boxes on a devotion site called The Internet Cafe. Click on it and check it out. I love devotions and never tire of reading them. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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  1. Thanks for your prayers. I love what that person said to you about being sorry for your "temporary separation". I love that. It made my heart smile.

    My knees have been hurting too!!! I had to take off for a week b/c I walk 10 miles/day at work and couldn't stand the pain at work:-(. I guess I need to get better shoes. I plan on starting back this week.

    Hope your pollen goes away soon.

    Hugs and Prayers