The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Grateful Heart

What a crazy week we have had. This past Wednesday my sweet Mama was involved in an accident that could have been a tragedy. Check out this link:

Two eighteen wheelers crossed a bridge on a country highway that my Mama travels frequently. After the second truck crossed the bridge it collapsed to a depth of about 6 feet. A car traveling about two miles ahead of Mama drove across it first as you could not see it had collapsed until it was too late. She bounced down the highway and finally came to a stop, called 911 and flagged down a little mini cooper coming toward her to tell it to stop. As the two drivers were talking to each other and 911 on the phone, they heard my Mama's car approaching. The mini cooper turns on its flashers and is headed toward her to try to get her to stop, the other lady is waving like crazy and my mama thinks there must be a wreck up where they are. Without even seeing it she hits the bridge, goes airborne and comes down broadside on the little mini cooper ( my mama drives a big SUV) and both of them go into the ditch. My husband and I drove straight there and both of us just stood in disbelief. The Hand of God and His angels was so evidently all over that scene that all we could do was say "Thank You Lord, Thank You."
My husband and I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about the accident. We both kept saying how good God is. However, we also know that had that day turned out differently for our family our God would be NO LESS good to us. I cannot imagine my life without my mother. She is , well she is just MY MAMA!!!! You know what that means. But none of us knows what this life holds for us, but if we are in Christ we DO know what the future holds. Eternity with Him, Hallelujah! I cling to that.
I have lived a tragedy with the loss of my brother to a car accident with my Daddy and my Step-Mom(I hate that label but thought I needed to clarify so no one is confused). It was awful and everything that one can imagine an unexpected tragedy to be. But, our feet had to hit the ground every day even when we didn't want them to and we had to keep living. I am in awe of my dad and Lila. They are two of the strongest people I know and have taught me more about faith than they will ever know they have. They keep living, serving, trusting, and hoping. Hope and knowledge that one day we will all be together again with my brother and our Savior.
We are all so thankful that Mama and the other two involved were spared that day. That God was not ready for them yet. That means they have much to do yet on this side of eternity. I know my mama is full aware of that. We talked at length about it this weekend. She is so wise and loves her Lord so much that she is already seeking for answers that way.
My heart is heavy this morning with gratitude that I was able to sit on my mama's back porch with her yesterday morning talking about our Lord. And I will be eternally grateful for a God that is good because of Who He is, NOT What He does. But everything He does is a blessing and I thank Him profusely for them.
May your day be blessed!


  1. Oh goodness! How scary for you and your family, especially your Mama and Clay! I'm so thankful she had those angels to protect her. You are so right. God is good not because of what He does or doesn't do but because of who He is. (And thanks for the sweet prayers yesterday. I needed and felt them.) Blessings.

  2. Richard and I have spent quite a bit of time discussing God's grace and protection over Mama as heart was in knots for that short period of time that all I knew was there had been an accident..of course your mind goes to all those bad places that you can't stand to believe could be true..Thank God for his blessings and for Mama..and for my sweet sisters.