The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer has Begun!!!!

Well, summer finally made it! Whoo Hoo! It is already so very hot here in Louisiana. And we need some rain in the worst way. I know many other parts of the country do too.
We have had a nice slow start to our summer and it has been wonderful. Baby girl and I leave this coming Saturday headed to Nicaragua on a mission trip. Post on that later. For now here is what our summer has looked like so far:

Baby girl ended her sophomore year with straight A's so her daddy rewarded her with yummies from Buttercup's cupcakes. She snatched one before I could snap a picture!

Lots of quiet mornings on the back porch with my coffee snapping pics of my plants. I am weird I know, but I need documentation of how beautiful they are before I am so weary of watering that they shrivel up and my yard looks like the Sahara. This is a shrimp plant. I thought it was cool and tropical looking.

I am quite infatuated with my hibuscus this year because the plant blooms all different colors.

My man and I just celebrated another wedding anniversary and we got some new patio furniture. I just love it. We live out there more than inside during the summer.

Here is my favorite part of summer thus far.... Grandpeeps jumping in GiGi's pool! Over and Over. Bliss for me to have them here and having such a great time. 

We are also eating a lot of grilled fish! Our son caught a bunch of redfish and he and sweet man grilled 'em up yesterday. Delicious!

Is he not darling? Love that sweet boy.

He and Great Maw had fun playing in the pool together.

 So as you can see, life is pretty rough at our house right now. Hope I can muster up the strength to keep up this pace.

Hope everyone has a blessed day at church today and a good start to your week. I am so thankful for these times of rest during such busy lives that we lead. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.


  1. looks great to me! :) Miss you!

  2. Had a great time yesterday!! Wish I had more of your dip right now:) Graham said this morning he didn't want to go to church.. He wanted to o o his Gigi's house:) love you