The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rapture, Calendars and Books

Well, the world did not end and the Rapture did not occur yesterday, so....................... I am still here and I guess God meant when He said in Mark 13:32:
 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. "
Sorry Mr. Camping. You could have saved yourself a lot of math.
That is so like we humans to think God would make us  privy to something He doesn't even let His only Son in on. I am sure we are appalling to Him. Thank goodness He loves us in spite of our ridiculous ideas and notions. And yes, He still loves Mr. Camping, although  I do  wonder what he is up to today and what he thinks about still being here. I hate to admit it but I was hoping yesterday would be the day. Not so that Mr. Camping would be correct but because I hope it happens in my lifetime. I long for it every day.
I guess the truly sad part of all this is the fact that secular society thinks all this talk of rapture and the end of the world is only for crazy, psychotic, religious zealots who are so dumb they really think Jesus is coming back. What a comfort to know the Bible is true, God means what He says and His promises will all come to fruition. Every knee will bow and tongue confess - what a day that will be!

On a different note - three more days of school!!!!!!!! I cannot wait. Graduation was yesterday and it, as always, is such a bittersweet and  precious ritual to observe. So many new beginnings for those young people. I hope they know the most important thing is to live their lives as though Christ is coming that day. Not in hedonistic pleasure, but in serving others for the sake of Christ. One of our valedictorians issued that challenge to her classmates and I was so proud of her. She served as my yearbook editor this year and has a wisdom about the Lord many adults would envy. I keep filling the summer calendar in my mind with all sorts of grandiose ideas: cooking, reading, being by the pool........ The reality is probably: running baby girl to all her summer activities, harvesting our ginormous garden we planted, working in our business which has work again (than you Lord), and I won't mind one bit of it! Oh I am certain I will get to throw in plenty of things like reading and lounging poolside. Just started a new book, Water for Elephants and have a huge list to follow up with. I know I should not end my sentences with a preposition but hey it is almost summer and I am throwing caution to the wind!

Hope you have a blessed week and keep looking to the sky for the Glory of the Lord to appear!

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  1. Yes, what a day that will be!!! I can't wait:)Glad summer is almost here...maybe we can have lots of pool days:)