The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Grandpeep Plays Ball

My grandson is four years old and played his very first T-ball game last night. We had such a blast going to watch him. Don't you wonder many times what they are thinking in those sweet little heads? I do all the time. Last night I imagine it went a little something like this:

"Man, am I glad to see my PawPaw. I am PawPaw's friend."
"I know I am supposed to pay attention to the batters when I am in the dugout, but Hey PawPaw, I love you!"

"Okay I am up at bat. Brent told me to tell that pitcher he better back on up!"

"Whoo Hoo look at me run! This is so much fun!!!"

"Time for my team to take the field. I better get my game face on. Serious business."

"Look at me PawPaw. Thumbs up means I'm ready!!!"

"Still ready. Not much action coming my way."

"Hey this dirt fits in my glove pretty good."

"This is fun. Who knew t-ball could be such fun? What is all that noise around me? Oh yeah, a ball game is going on."

"My turn to bat again. The ball is going way out there."

"Look at me gooooooooo!!!"

"Time to take the field again. I'm ready again PawPaw. What? You want me to run after the ball and not wait for it to come to me? Okay."

"I ran for it, but so did everybody else. Now I am mad."

"Okay trying again, ready!!"

"Why won't the ball come to me?"

"Now I am just mad."

"PawPaw, why does my momma keep yelling 'There is no crying in baseball?' Tell her to come get it."

"One more time, I'll try but I am getting sick of this."

"I got it!!!!!!!!!! Did y'all see me?  This is fun after all."

"T-ball makes a boy dirty and tired."

"My GiGi thinks I am the cutest player on the field no matter what I do!"



  1. Graham is looking at the pictures with me and said "Connor crying?" Connor is so precious!

  2. That is so sweet..these pictures made me think of the story of when you and Jon were dating and you went to the boys ball game and somebody stuck gum in your hair...

    Great pictures!