The peeps!

The peeps!

Friday, May 28, 2010

School's Out...........For Summer!

WHOOPEEEE!!!!!!! First day of summer vacation. I am so daring I told my man last night,"I am not even going to set my alarm. I will just sleep until I wake up!" He loves my adventurous spirit. I am a morning person anyway so I made it until 6:10 this am. I feel so rejuvenated!
I love my summer time. It means fun days in the pool, family coming in to visit, extra time with my grandpeeps, and no papers to grade! However, we run a business out of our home and I will be very busy with that. We are so blessed by the Lord with all the work He has allowed us to have and all the people He has allowed us to employ.
I sat on the back porch with my man last night and told him all the things I want to accomplish this summer:
- Get all my cabinets cleaned out in the house - only so long you can hide stuff in there before it starts to seep out!
- Run every morning with the baby girl as she has cross country practice - FOR HIGH SCHOOL- she walks around constantly saying, "Hey everybody, I am a freshman!" I want to throw up.
- Have my grandpeeps over as much as I can
- Read all the Jane Austen books - I can download them to my Sony Reader for just .99 each!
- Have a different theme each week for cooking this summer: Italian, French, Cajun - I collect cookbooks and love experimenting.
- Daughter-in-love and I will be getting our Dishin' It Up blog up
- We hope to get a vacation this summer but don't know when we will work it in or where we will go. The oil coming in kind of has our beach plans running amuck (i am so punny!)
And to do lots of what I am doing right now- Sitting on my back porch with my man drinking pots of coffee.
How about you? What are your plans?


  1. As if I couldn't love you more! You are a fellow-Austen fan?!?! I never knew. Which book is your favorite?

  2. We're planning to do a lot of swimming and laying out at your house :)

  3. Sunni, Oh Sunni! How can you ask? But I forget you weren't in my AP class - you should have been though. DUH! Mr. Darcy is my boyfriend! How can you not adore Austen? Her sarcasm, wit and beautiful use of diction make her my all time favorite. I have not read all the Austen books. I doubt any will top Pride and Prejudice for me, but I may be surprised. I also love Sense and Sensibility. My friend Ms. Nolen (fellow English IV teacher)and I are thinking of starting a Jane Austen Book Club. Maybe you can join. We promise it will not be near as lame as the movie of the same name. Sometimes I cannot believe what a geek I am!

  4. I am totally the same way. In fact, I just hopped out of the bathtub, and my bathtub read was '100 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Austen'. My favorite is Northanger Abbey, with P&P coming in close second. For Mother's Day, Gregg bought me peanut M&M, popcorn and Sense & Sensibility. And then... he actually sat down and watched it with me. What a man! :)