The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Message from Graham

Hey all you out in peepland. Today my Daddy and PawPaw went fishing. I am a little bummed that I am not big enough to go yet - soon though. Then they told me I was going to go to GiGi's to swim and eat popsicles!!!! Man oh man - this made me so happy -see:
Nothing tastes as good as a cold popsicle on a hot summer day:

Then it was time to suit up and head to the pool. I sure do love me some water!

My aunt loves to play with me. She is so much fun.

This was how I rolled at GiGi and PawPaw's pool last year - all chilled out.

Those days are gone forever baby. I am a lean, mean, wiggling machine. I hope they all can keep up with me this summer cause I am going to give them a run for their money. Look how big I am.

Hey everybody!!!! Man this is a great day.

It's the end of the day and now they are trying to tell me I have to go home. I can't take it!



  1. I love your blog and check it out everyday for
    new postings.
    I really like the recipe.
    Looking forward to "Dishin It Up"!
    love ya,
    Aunt Pat

  2. He is so precious, of course!! I love his toothy grin, so sweet.

    This is the first time I realized you had a blog, and I LOVE IT! You are too funny with your stories, and so sweet about your years as an educator. I waited four years for Becky Gray to be my Senior English teacher, so I did not experience your class, but many of my friends loved you dearly. (Pease excuse my overuse of punctuations...a blogger's habit, I must say).

    Just wanted to thank you for your kind comment! And, I will be trying some of these rediculous recipes you and the Mrs. Cheney, Jr. have been posting!!