The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memory Verse #6!

2 Corinthians 2:14

"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him." (emphasis mine)

My bible study peeps and I are doing the Anointed Transformed and Redeemed study of David right now. It is really good! This morning I was reading about the word anointed and what that means to us as believers. Priscilla Shirer is always saying that upon receiving Christ we also receive the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. Not a partial dose of the Spirit. The whole thing - it is not an installment plan. If we had a clue what the power of our anointing carried with it we would be amazed. This morning my text said that often times believers are looking for miraculous signs of our anointing when for many of us the miracle is in our everyday living. I know I see it when my reaction or response to a situation is not what it normally would be, when I show kindness to someone I feel wronged by when my initial desire is to respond in like. I also know I see it when I look at where I was as a new Christian and where I am now. The Lord changed my desires and that is a miracle. We are the miracle! Thank you Lord.

As I looked at my verse it stood out to me that God always leads us in triumphal procession. Several things about this:
1. It doesn't say the believer always follows in triumph.
2. God is always doing what He promised He would.
3. His way is victory.
4. He is always there to lead us.

How sad if any of you are ever like me and take many other paths of my own before seeking the one that has God at the forefront!

The second thing that stood out was "through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him."

1. Nonbelievers are constantly watching those of us who profess to believe to see if we really believe what we say we do.
2. What we believe is how we act. (ouch!)
3. Sometimes what I am spreading through my actions is not very fragrant.

We have an enemy who knows he cannot destroy us but he can try to rule our lives with fear, doubt and intimidation. I also read this morning that his bark is worse than his bite but it is the bark that frightens us. WHY oh WHY when "we KNOW whom we have believed and are persuaded that he is able."
We are under the anointing beloved of the Most High God who leads us in triumph. Won't we follow Him today and through our obedience show others what a Mighty God we serve and how we don't end up on the path the way we began.

That beloved, is the miracle of the anointing.


  1. What a great illustration of that passage. I love it! Here's to not being a "stinky" fragrance this week :-). And, girlfriend, you have GOT to enlarge your font. You obviously don't have the progressive bifocal lenses that I do. Blessings :0)

  2. Well, let me first say that the Lord knew you needed more than one mother! Seriously, you have brought so much joy to me and I do love you as if I had given birth to you. I just regret that you have always lived a state away and we couldn't just 'visit' every day. I remember so vividly the first time I laid eyes on you and I did think "WHAT WILL I DO WITH THAT CURLY HAIR!" I just knew that when you got back home to your mother she would never let you come back to stay with us! I was so thankful that there were rubber bands to put your hair in a ponytail! We were both apprehensive about our new 'family', but it didn't take long to love you as much as anyone. I am so proud of who you have become despite all the many parents you have. I am so blessed to have married into your life. I love you!