The peeps!

The peeps!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


My first grandpeep is here for the week and we are so excited. This picture reminds me why. Everything he sees thrills him to pieces. Doesn't matter if it is a lizard, or the dead crawfish he watched his Gigi get out of the pool last night (he thinks I am a superhero, that will only last until PawPaw pulls out the mow-mow). But he is in awe of all things and when he is here we all tend to see things through his eyes. The beauty in the little things. What a lovely reminder to count blessings and take joy in the simple things.
I would love to write more but there is face pressed on my patio door announcing his need for "patty cakes".

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  1. Precious!!!! Can't wait to see him this week!