The peeps!

The peeps!

Monday, March 30, 2009

She's a TEENAGER!!!

She is growing up fast! She loves zebra and hot pink.

She is almost as tall as her Momma!
But a jokester like her Daddy!

Four generations. Aren't they all adorable?

Our baby of the four turned thirteen this past week!!!! Unbelievable. I cannot understand where the time goes. Life as my sweet baby girl has changed forever. Well she is still my sweet baby girl but “thirteen” invades her body sometimes. My dad summed it up best when he called to tell her happy birthday and informed her that she needed to be prepared – “When you are thirteen your brain just leaves your body sometimes!” He should know he was the only man in the house with my granny, my mama and my two sisters and me. It is any wonder his brain cells still work! He survived and we will too. We survived with the other three (two boys and one girl) and that all went by way too fast also.
Some days I just wish I could hold time still. I know that sounds like such a cliché especially when she is so anxious for everything ahead of her. Her daddy and I are too, I just wish the time past had not been so fleeting. I wish I had savored more of the moments that maybe I rushed through or that I didn’t truly appreciate until they were gone already. She is such an easy, enjoyable child – I know that can change in a nanosecond – but right now she is easy. I never have to tell her to get up in the morning because she sets her alarm for 5 and gets up without hesitation ever! Fixing her hair is important right now so she needs time – I can so relate. She does her homework, studys hard and is more organized than any other person in our house. With the exception of her dresser drawers – that is a constant battle – so I guess she is a normal teenager. I hate saying that - teenager. I already dread the day she leaves for college. When I left home my daddy says my mama lay on the bathroom floor and cried for two hours. I said, “Why the bathroom floor? That is ridiculous!” He said, “That is where you spent all your time!!” I have a feeling my bathroom days will be here much faster than I want them too. Until then I will try not to be so mad when I can’t find any of my stuff because she has taken it to her bathroom and for all my ranting I simply get, “Oh sorry mom” and out the door she goes. I will try to savor the moments that she gives me space to enjoy. She still likes her Momma being around but I sense that changing too.
It just seems like the blink of an eye that I was crying over our oldest moving to college. Now he is a daddy. It is never the same after they move away to school. I think I will enroll our baby at OLU. On-line University!!!!!

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  1. This post has me in tears. Belle is turning 2 in a few weeks and I am having so much trouble getting rid of her pacifier. (Notice I said, 'I'. She's not the one with the problem, it's me.) I know that I have to, but it's the last 'baby thing' I have. It's just going too fast!