The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthdays, New Days, and The Ancient of Days

Really, could he be any sweeter!!! Today is my oldest grandson Connor's second birthday and my youngest grandson will be two weeks old tomorrow. It seems as though that gap flew by with Connor. Where did the time go from when he was this little? I was reminded today of all the thoughts I had when I looked at Connor at this age. What will his voice sound like? What kind of personality will he have? Will he look like his momma? Will he love us? (crazy, but don't tell me for a minute any other grandmas out there haven't thought it too!). Every day is new and they look different and you cherish every second of every minute as they change so rapidly. What will their future be like? What kind of men will they become? Will they love Jesus with a passion and lead their families to do the same? I hope so, oh I pray so. Like mad I do.
Then I am reminded that The Ancient of Days knows the answers to all these questions and even questions I haven't yet thought to ask. He numbered the hairs on these sweet little boys heads. He knows who they will become and what they will be. Yet I am still reminded of our responsibility to them. Teach them, nurture them, share what He has done for us so they will know How Great is our God. And more than anything, pray like crazy over them. I am beyond thankful to be a grandma to these precious ones that He has entrusted to our children. Grateful for the privilege of praying for them.
I look forward to many birthdays, new days and one day coming face to face to thank the Ancient of Days for how He worked in their lives.

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