The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good reads

I love to read. Like. A. Lot. Next to eating it is my favorite pastime. :) I was always the kid in school with the book under the desk reading. Which accounts for why none of my children ever needed my help with their math. But hey, need to conjugate a verb or diagram a sentence...... I'm your girl. I wonder why no one diagrams sentences anymore. I was a champ at it. I'm sure that is why people's grammar is so poor now. Yeah, that's it. Even though I am an English teacher, I didn't major in education, I majored in literature. Now before anyone gets all concerned that I am in charge of America's youth with no credentials...I did get my alternate certification in education. And ohhhhhhh was it ever boring. I dislike the education portion of educating. I know, I know there is a place for all of that, but I just want to teach kids to appreciate an aptly chosen word, a beautifully written sentence, a story that can transform your outlook on your life, or if not your life at least your day. I love literature. All kinds.
I also love to read blogs. I get stuck on a new one and kind of obsess over reading it. My new favorite blog is Jenna is so cute. She is a food writer and lover of literature. She also loves Christ which makes her even more adorable. She has a portion of her blog devoted to what she has read recently. People. I downloaded four books last Thursday and have already read three of them. Forget that there is a bag full of Wuthering Heights essays and tests to grade, or that my house is a wreck and my people are starving. I had to READ!!! During the school year I don't take much time to read for myself so this has been a real treat.  I also joined and have some of my school peeps on it too. I hope our principal doesn't catch us rating  and organizing our bookshelves during school hours!
If anyone is interested go to and join. They personalize recommendations for you based on your preferences. You can see what others are reading and what their thoughts are.
So if you didn't think I was a book nerd before I am sure you will now. Anyway...... got to go read some more, I mean grade some papers!
Have a blessed day!

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