The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year!!!! 2012 - I still remember like it was yesterday being a senior in high school and thinking as I listened to "Party like its 1999" that that was soooooooooo far away! Now it is the year 2012. Time keeps right on marching doesn't it? It waits for no one.

2011 overall was a good year for our family. But as I look forward to 2012, I am eager with anticipation. I don't even know how to explain it, yet I feel as though this year is going to hold some major changes for us. Good things. Even if there is trouble - overall good things. My precious in-loves spent the day with us yesterday as we celebrated their anniversary. 57 years! FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine all they have experienced together. They have seen it all. But more importantly they survived it all - together. They have no idea what a testimony they are to all of us. My mother in-love said she and Gerald sat and talked yesterday morning about the day they got married all those years ago and having no idea what would be in store for them and then they looked above their mantle and stared at the legacy of their 57 years together. Their family of two is now one of twenty-three and this year will increase to twenty-four ( did I mention we are having a wedding!!! Whoop Whoop!).

As I sat and listened to them tell their story of courtship and marveled at how they both still blush as it is told all these years later, I felt compelled to ask them what is the one piece of advice they would give about marriage.

My father-in-love said without hesitation, " Give thanks for all your blessings, all the good times and prosperous times, but more importantly see the hard times as opportunities for growth." Mother-in-love said, " Never give up. Keep going day after day." Then I asked for their best parenting advice after all this time. They both agreed with one thing - Consistency.
It struck me as I thought about what they said, that their model for marriage and parenting has always been biblical. Even after 57 years - their model for living is God's Word. And it also struck me that even though the world is so different now than when they married 57 years ago and the times we are raising children in is so different than when they raised theirs - GODS WORD IS NOT DIFFERENT!!!!! His model for righteous living is not changing. Regardless of how the world changes, He is steadfast and His plan will endure for generation upon generation.

Which leads to me today. January 1. Beginning of a new year. A fresh start if you will. I don't normally make resolutions, however I am reading The Resolution for Women and I am stating that my prayer for this year is to become a woman of RESOLVE. By definition I am stating that I desire to be a woman who is determined and has firmness of purpose or intent.

A woman who:
 - seeks God's word for daily living - not just in  overall life but the dailyness of a life submitted to God.
- remembers that for my prayers to be answered for my children to love the Lord with all their heart, soul and mind, they must see it in me.
 - leads by example to my daughters and daughters-in-love what the biblical model for femininity is
-is not defeated when issues arise but rather is equipped with the armor of God to fight the battle ahead
- wants more of Christ every day
- who is not daunted  in my role as mother when asked "Why do my parents have to be so different from everybody else?"
- who is ready to answer "Because God calls us to be different, that's why" and pray they too will choose Him over what the world offers.
- prays diligently for my husband and my family
-who stands firmly on the foundation of God's word even while storms may swirl around me.
- who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
-who remembers every day the sacrifice made for her on the Cross and lives a sacrificial life not a selfish one.

I am so thankful for our time with my in-loves yesterday. I have been struggling with some things lately and through our visit yesterday God reminded me - He is the same. Jesus- yesterday, today and tomorrow. His plan never fails. And I RESOLVE to believe Him.

Happy New Year!

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