The peeps!

The peeps!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I miss blogging! The technology issues in my house are too complicated to explain beside the fact that no one cares. So..... what has been going on in my world? Not as much as what is going to be going on in my world. 2012 is about to get exciting! Did I mention we are having a wedding? May 12. We are so excited we can hardly stand ourselves!!! Our future daughter-in-love is precious (her own post is coming shortly -she deserves one :) ) and she is busy busy making arrangements. Baby girl has been asked to sing at the wedding and you would think she was going to perform at Carnegie Hall. She was so proud when they asked her. So she and I have been frantically searching pinterest - of which I am now obsessed - looking for stuff to wear. I laughed earlier at the idiocy of that because our groom - said son- was just commenting to me a bit ago when I asked him about a t-shirt he had on that I didn't understand, that in the last ten years (since he has been gone from credit card disbursing home)- that he has probably only spent about $100 on clothes for himself. To include socks and underwear. That Christine is one lucky woman. My boy is many many wonderful things, high-maintenance is not one of them. I will have to post pics later of his before and after beard he has been sporting for the last several months.
Aside from all things weddings I have been doing the following:
-working hard on lessons for the Bible as literature class I am teaching this semester. It is so much fun and my students are a lot of fun.
-reading the Hunger Games trilogy and several other books. I read several at a time. Don't know why but it works for me!
-trying out new healthier recipes. I recently lost 25 pounds and I am anxious to stay that way. Plus I have a wedding to dress for :) Just a note, baby girl and sweet man are not buying that pureed cauliflower and mashed potatoes taste the same. Even with cheese on top.
-Being obsessed with pinterest. Why can't I come up with a cool idea like that?
- Sticking to my resolution

What do I have to look forward to this year:
- Wedding!!!!!!!!
- Baby girl turns Sweet 16 in a couple of months, sniff, sniff
- Watching my sweet grandpeeps be ring bearers together at the wedding. I can just picture them in their little tuxes!!!!
- Watching our sweet baby boy get married. Sniff, sniff
- Our oldest grandpeep starts kindergarten this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sniff, sniff
- Starting our new Bible study on James with my bible study peeps! Can't wait
- Hopefully blogging more - I am anxious to write more this year.
- Every day being thankful to God for another day to live for Him - I hope I do not disappoint Him.

Hope your year is starting out wonderfully. One of my sweet friends commented today that January is the Monday of months! It will be gone in a flash. Cherish every day.

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