The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I knew our fall was going to be a busy time but my goodness...... It is all going by like a blur! Homecoming week was WILDLY hectic. Baby girl was sick and is going on two weeks of sick. She and her classmates worked hard all week on their float to have in the parade. It was so good and they were proud but at the last minute the parade was cancelled because of lightning. They still won second place, which is pretty great for the sophomores.

Friday morning was dress up day for the formal presentation of the court. Baby girl was pretty.

Then we made a mad dash to Baton Rouge and ran a cross country race, where we ran into some old friends! We love and miss you Sydney. Thanks again for coming to see us! Our boys and girls team won first place. They are awesome.
Then it was a mad dash home to get ready for the big dance. We had some company while baby girl was getting dolled up! It won't be long and he will be with the big boys all the time and won't care about being with all us girls. :(

Our sweet friend Becky, who has known and loved baby girl since she was about two, got her all beautiful. I think she didn't have much work to do :). She looks too grown up.

Sweet Christine is always my sidekick and right hand girl on days like this. And yes, she did make her famous sugar cookies for the occasion!

Then...... a boy came and picked up our baby girl.

I still like her with this boy: My goodness but they are a handsome couple. Daddy and his little girl who is growing up way too fast.

Then we rushed downtown for pictures with all the crew. The girls were so pretty and excited for the big evening.

Baby girl and her best friend. They are gorgeous.

Jon and Christine amused themselves by doing a little Homecoming pose! That mum is as big as Christine!

It is a sweet baby girl who will come find her momma who is chaperoning her high school dance and want their picture made!

Busy, busy times for us. They are going by so quickly and I want to cherish every minute of it. Just seems like yesterday and it was our boys and other baby girl doing all this. Our oldest son celebrated his ten year high school reunion at this Homecoming. Good times and good memories.

More posts and pics soon of our other recent adventures!

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