The peeps!

The peeps!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend with Connor

A little late in getting these up but we had our sweet Connor this past weekend and had such a great time. We decked him out in some Panther wear and headed out to the football game. I am always so excited when I get to show off my grandpeeps to everyone. They hear me talk about them all the time. 

Connor has a hard time just smiling for the camera. He is at the age where he is mischievous all the time. Oh wait - he has ALWAYS been at that age!

He also likes to make funny faces all the time and we have contests regularly to see who is the silliest. I vote him.

Connor stalked the Panther all night long. Screamed for them, hollered for them and said to me at the end of the night, "GiGi, you know that is not a real panther. It is someone in a costume." Thanks for telling me sweet boy :)

More stalking..........

Showing a little love for the panther.

This is baby girls best friend who Connor loves a lot. He screams her name loudly until she pays him some attention! We had a blast at the game. Connor got a football, a clapper (which we lost in the trunk....Oh darn!) and had a blast running around the track.

Then Saturday.. RACING SEASON BEGAN! Whoop Whoop! I love watching the kids run and they had a fantastic opening race. Boys won first place (reigning state champions) and the girls won second. They were one point under the first place finishers - ARGH! Run baby girl, run.

I love these girls.

Then it was off the Mimi and Old Paw's house for some fun. Is this face not the sweetest. He melts my heart.

He and Aunt Savannah did some baking and this was Connor's favorite part.

Connor has always been a wonderful little helper. Mimi had some yard work to do and Connor was all set with his "glubs" (gloves for those of you that don't know!) and boots and shovel. He is so precious to us and we love any time we get to spend with him. Hope everyones weekend was great - 

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