The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things that made me smile

This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Fabulous weather, birthday celebrations, getting ready for deer hunting and a lot of what I love- being with my family. Here are a few things that made me smile:

All the family boots for the family farm at my mama's house
Two of my favorite boys planning out deer business
Sweet baby Graham driving the tractor. He is a little dude huh?
A lot of work and effort finally making it to its destination!
Another one of my boys doing what he loves, climbing up a tree to a deer stand!

Some of the grandbabies being hoisted up in the air in the frontloader by the man who is a safety freak! Sometimes you just have to get crazy right old Paw?
The gorgeous sunrise God allowed my sweet man and  me to share with each other

The absolutely delicious breakfast my mama made and we got to dine al fresco as a result of some great weather.
What a great long weekend. Lots of laughs, good food and great fellowship. I wish I had a picture of my mama's apple pie. It made me smile a lot. And made me cry when it was all gone. We ended the weekend by celebrating my precious mother-in-love's birthday. She is so darling and loved so very much by all of us. Happy Birthday MawMaw!!!!!


  1. I love our farm!!! It all makes me smile too :)

  2. Love the new fall look and love the new pictures. Your smiles have reached infectious proportions! :-)