The peeps!

The peeps!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation, Vacation!

Yeah!!! We are finally taking some time off - I haven't felt like it has been summer yet. We are leaving Sunday morning and have no clue where we are going. Crazy isn't it. My man thinks the best times occur spontaneously. We did that last year and ended up in Savannah - great fun. Baby girl is going this time and we can't wait to get out of here. Any suggestions out there about fun places to go on the spur of the moment? These have been my recommendations so far and no confirmation made yet:
1. Tybee Island outside of Savannah
2. Grand Canyon
3. Gatlinburg - my favorite vacation spot as a kid and baby girl has never been
4. San Antonio
Any thoughts?


  1. They all sound fun!! I think a cabin in the smoky mountains would be relaxing for all of you. Hope y'all have a great time. Keep us posted with pictures:)

  2. Charlotte, NC would be fun or Colorado Springs...hope you have a great time! Love you!