The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

I think Valentines Day is overrated. There is all this pressure for people to "perform" so their loved one will feel loved and special. To get that perfect gift to make them swoon and have stars in their eyes. Overrated. Don't misunderstand, I love romance and I love when my man is romantic. I am just saying that for me I want authenticity. I don't want something done for one day because it is an expectation. I want the real deal all year long - the good the bad and yes even the ugly. I want consistency and security. I want a card or flowers out of the blue when it is not expected. I want to feel comfortable where we are with each other nineteen years down the road. I want to look across the room and catch him watching me. I want my children to comfort in the fact that their parents are still in love with each other. I want him to know I love him with all my heart and soul without it being Valentines Day. And I do. And he knows. And he does. And I know. He still makes my heart race after all these years. He is my Valentine all year long, every day.
I am a secure woman with my man. He doesn't give me reason to worry, he tells me all the time he loves me and he shows me regularly. But that is not where my security lies. Many, many years ago I gave my heart away. Not to my husband but to my Savior. A Savior who is love and without knowing Him I cannot truly receive or give love. A Savior who cherishes me, thinks I am beautiful, nurtures me, talks to me and listens to me. A Savior who cares more about the success of my marriage than my husband and I do. That is hard to imagine, yet it is true. That is one of the reasons we turn it over to Him on a daily basis. He loves us. He will never disappoint us and He is the reason that I will be thankful this Valentines Day. Thankful for giving me my husband and blessing our marriage. He is the reason every day is Valentines Day for us.

Thank you Lord for giving us to each other.

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  1. So precious! A truly beautiful couple- inside and out.