The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Little!!!!!!!

Today is my daughter-in-loves birthday! We get all excited about birthdays around here, mostly because it means cake and our favorite foods get cooked for us oh yeah and did you know calories don't count on your birthday? So I wanted to take an opportunity to express my feelings for this young lady we love so very much!
I feel somewhat territorial and responsible for you as I have loved you longer than the rest of the clan around here has loved you. I met you when you were a 10th grader - doesn't that seem like forever ago? You were on my dance line and I liked you immediately. There was such a genuineness to you that I don't see in many grownups much less sophomores in high school. Your smile was precious! Your dancing, well you know. The crowds were pleased and enjoyed all those times you danced so ferociously your shoes were hurled at them! hehe! I told your now father-in-law about you and said I wish Jeremy would ask her out and I was told to back off. I didn't and he didn't ask you out. Then Jon met you at a football game and had read your testimony that had been printed in the football program and he fell for you too! And has loved you ever since. I was so tickled when I knew Jeremy had asked you to Homecoming when you were both seniors (took him long enough) and you were a student in my class and you would look at me and just grin and blush! Precious. And you have been together ever since - well except for that awful 48 hours you took a break from each other and you called our house about 48 times "what are y'all doing?" "what are y'all eating?" "what are y'all doing now?" That too was precious.
I have said so many times that if Jon and I could have sent the Lord a list of the perfect wife for our son it couldn't have been anyone other than you. I have a great deal of respect for you because I have seen how real you are. I have known you a long time and you have always been a young lady of conviction and that is rare. Laura, you are such a beautiful person. I don't mean simply externally I mean a beauty that comes from something inside of you. You are kind, genuine, funny, caring, intuitive about others, generous, sweet, and I have watched your love for the Lord grow and grow. More than that your desire to know Him grows and grows. I am so thankful we get to share bible study together. I love that you love family and being together the way you do. I guess you might as well with all this crazy bunch over here! You are a wonderful mother and wife. Graham and Jeremy are beyond blessed with you as well as the rest of us. Not only are you a wonderful daughter-in-love you are a wonderful friend. I know I can depend on you for anything. I hope you feel the same. I am looking forward to making all your favs this weekend and I wish for you a very blessed and happy birthday. I love you very much and the only thing that will complete your perfection is giving me a granddaughter!!!! Did I mention I love you because you totally get my warped sense of humor?

Happy Birthday!


  1. You are too sweet....and funny :)!!! I love you too. I am so lucky to have Jeremy as a husband and y'all as my family. I love and respect you and Mr. Jon so much. Words really cannot express how grateful I am to have y'all as my parents. Can't wait for dinner this weekend :)