The peeps!

The peeps!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Do you ever have those moments where you are right on the verge of something big? Maybe right before you got married, or right before you had a baby. Sometimes it may just be the anticipation of a word from the Lord. I am there. Anticipation. Isn't that the name of a song in the 70's. I am anticipating with great joy and excitement the birth of our second grandpeep. But it is not just the baby and all the great stuff that comes with that- like holding it, kissing it, reading to it, singing to it until it understands Gigi can't sing. In case you are wondering why I refer to my precious grandchild as "it" it is because we are also anticipating the gender! What a surprise!
I am anticipating many other things as well. Like watching our son become a daddy. My heart swells everytime I picture him doing daddy things. His life and his heart will change in ways he cannot anticipate yet because he has never been there before. I anticipate watching my precious daughter-in-law be a mommy. Watching her look at her baby like no one else does. I anticipate the way their household will change. The dynamics of being a family of three and how decisions they make involve three people now not just two. I anticipate how their prayer lives will change. Don't misunderstand, they are prayer warriors already but nothing can bring you to your knees before the Throne of Grace like praying for your children can.
I anticipate watching the interaction between our two year old grandson and his new cousin. I hope they have a lot of cousins to play with and I hope they all love to be at Gigi and PawPaw's house!!
Don't you know it is the same for us with our Heavenly Father. He anticipates so much for us that we cannot even fathom yet. He tells us so - "No eye has seen or ear has heard, nor mind conceived what God has planned for those who love Him." I for one cannot wait to see what God has planned for this family. Our family vehicle just keeps getting larger and larger, Praise you Lord.

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