The peeps!

The peeps!

Friday, December 28, 2012


It has been chaotic at my house for the last week.  Good chaos. The kind that makes you thankful for the blessing of a large family. But today has been a blessing of another kind for me. The blessing of solitude. Baby girl is at work and sweet man is running around town with one of our boys. I have been alone with my coffee, a new novel I got for Christmas and no noise!!! I don't get moments like this often. But when I do I enjoy it so much and then I get to wishing for some action! My sweet Caroline is coming to spend the night with her GiGi and PawPaw for the first of what will be many fun nights. Her Momma and Daddy are having a belated Anniversary celebration. They surely need some quiet time.

Holidays are so hectic and many times we let the chance for solitude and reflection pass us by. I have been thinking much about the past year and the coming new year. What I want to do more of, less of, etc. I do know I want to enjoy the simple times more. To appreciate just being still. I am off to a good start today! What about you?


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  1. I like my quiet time too! Sorry your quiet time didn't last long::) lol!!