The peeps!

The peeps!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Caroline Grace

Our baby came today!!!!!!!
She was born at 8:14, weighed 7 lbs 7 ozs, and was 19 1/2 inches long
The proud parents and sweet Caroline. Graham's birth story was  somewhat difficult and my kids had at first been told having another baby would not be advised with Laura's health situation. Lots of prayers later and the Lord had another plan. That Grace came today.  And was an answered prayer in so many ways.

 Isn't she beautiful? We are beside ourselves.

 Aunt Savannah and GiGi think she is the stuff!
Baby Girl is smitten with her new niece.
 I love this sweet girl so very much. She is so much more to me than just a daughter-in-love. She is a wonderful wife to our son, mother to our precious babies, friend, and prayer partner. Today she was our heroine.
 I can hardly stand the sweetness of this bowhead!
 Then PawPaw brought Big Brother in to see his baby sister!
 He was so excited about Baby Caroline, but he loves his mommy!
 Our boy and his precious family. How thankful and grateful to our God I am for them.
 I love this picture so much! He was so excited and kept yelling. "I have a baby sister!! Right now!" It was darling.
 PawPaw, GiGi and the baby. The brainwashing has already started!
 He didn't want to be far away from PawPaw when PawPaw had baby sister.
 It is hard to imagine that God gave us one precious daughter-in-love. But He gave us TWO!!! Christine is so sweet and helpful. I love her so much.

 Just seems like yesterday he was being born. Now he wears us all out just watching him.
 MawMaw loves her great grand-babies.
 Couldn't you just bite those cheeks!! She is beyond sweet.
 Uncle Josh has to share his September birthday with one more person now! I don't think he minds much.
 We couldn't believe how much dark hair she had. She is beautiful.
By the way, this is Big Brother Graham when he was born!!  Days like today remind me how thankful I am for my precious family. They are my heartbeat. Next to my Savior they are everything to me. The Lord answered prayer today in some mighty big ways. We are thankful for the blessing, but we worship the Blessor!


  1. What a sweet post:) i love you and Caroline loves her Gigi! Love all the pictures too!

  2. What a blessing God has given us all! We love those sweet babies!