The peeps!

The peeps!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girly Days

I love being a girl!!!! And I am so glad that I am part of a family of girly girls!!!! Anytime our out of town family is in we always make time to have a girl day. We have a new addition to our family - Miss Paisley Noel and we could not wait to have a reason for Paisley to have her first girls day with her Mama, Zsa Zsa, MawMaw, aunties and cousins. So... my girls and I hosted a Sip and See at daughter-in-love's house- who is the ultimate hostess.

We also love any reason to dress cute and eat yummy food! Christine made her special sugar cookies. Baby bottles and mary jane shoes - how adorable and tasty. I ate them for breakfast for the next four days. Love you Christine!

These Petit Fours were incredible. So moist and just the perfect size. I think that is why they are called
 petit fours - well that is why I ate four and didn't feel one ounce of guilt!
The Belle of the Ball! Paisley is the sweetest baby and was so good to just let all of us hold and poke and stare at her.

Paisley and her sweet Mama - my niece Mandy. What a beautiful mother she is. So precious to watch her mothering her first born. What a gift to be a mother. Paisley has been born into a family of wonderful, God-loving mothers.She is a blessed little girl and we look forward to so many more fun times with her.

My beautiful girls (minus Christine. She had to be somewhere else for a bit) and me. I pray they will treasure family as I do.

Jodi and Aunt Debsi. The Aunt Debsi who hogged the baby all day! Lucky she is such a good cook and we let her do whatever she wants for fear we won't reap the benefits of her culinary talents. :) 

Auntie Di was giddy over the baby. Maybe she wants another one. HA! She will kill me for that. 
Jodi, Andria, and Savannah. Beautiful girls. On the inside and out.

Lauren and Aunt Shelley. One of the things I enjoy about my in-love family is that no matter how much time passes without seeing each other, when we do get together it is like we see each other every day.

Seems like yesterday when my baby girl was Paisley's size. And here she is all grown-up looking. I miss her big hair bows. :(

Our other Belle of the Ball - MawMaw. She is our ultimate girly girl and we adore her. She loves all of us so much and is so fun and sweet. She is a wonderful mother, mother in love, grandmother and great grandmother.

My sisters-in-law are a total blast. I love them like crazy. You girls ROCK!!!!

Think these two resemble?

We spent much of our time laughing about how you spend half your life trying to be the opposite of your mother yet end up just like them. Of course by the time you realize you are like your mama you don't mind because you understand she is much wiser than you ever gave her credit for.
We had a lovely day with our newest "girl" Paisley and we look forward to many many more.

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  1. Looks like such a lovely day. It's always such a treat to celebrate a new life...and get some sweet baby kisses! Where did you get your shirt btw? Love!!!