The peeps!

The peeps!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Better late than never

Okay people pretend Father's day wasn't a whole week ago. I have been full steam ahead this week with no down time to blog. We had such a great father's day weekend. We got to make the rounds and spend time with all the dads in our life. God so richly blessed me by giving me two earthly fathers that I call Daddy. They are both precious to me and I love them so very much. Two fine examples of what a Godly man is. Then the Lord saw fit for me to meet a handsome young man who already had three little ones and I fell head over heels in love with my man while watching him be a daddy. I am still head over heels! On Saturday we went to see my daddy who cooks fish for his church every year. I have decided this fish fry should take place in February. Here I am with my Daddy. Think I look like him? My hair was suffering from the oppressive heat. We are so spoiled with air-conditioning aren't we. My grandmothers probably never had a tantrum at the weather because of what it did to their hair!

Here is Savannah and her Daddy. She is a blessed young lady. I think I will go remind her of that since she is sore in bed after helping her daddy do yard work for five hours yesterday. She wasn't feeling too blessed but it won't kill her. Someday she will appreciate her daddy's work ethic. I sure do.

Savannah and her Grandaddy! He spoils her and thinks she does no wrong. It is annoying. Oh, but I think the same about my grandpeeps so I will forgive them.

On Sunday morning we drove to hear my father-in-love preach at my sister-in-love's church. He brought the Word and Shelley sang a solo that had us all bawling. I love my father-in-love so much. He is never boring and makes me laugh almost as hard as he makes himself laugh! I don't have pictures of that and I am sorry about it. It was a great morning and a great lunch with all that side of our family. The whole bunch will be here next week and I will have plenty of pics to post.
After lunch we headed to my other parents house and spent the rest of the day hanging out and playing. Every year my mama measures the kids on a board she has and they all get excited to see how much they have grown.

PawPaw and Graham.
My other daddy, baby sister and me.

PawPaw and his two favorite boys. Graham is always staring at Connor trying to figure out what he is doing. Come to think of it, all the rest of us usually are too!

Connor is never as happy as when he is getting to drive something! He was thrilled to drive the tractor.

It won't be long and our little men will be big men. This pic makes me smile because Connor is holding Graham's hand. Probably because he doesn't want Graham to touch the steering wheel. That is his domain. When we put them up there Connor said,"Tell him to sit back or he will fall out when we go." As though we were going to crank it up and send the two of them off together!

This used to be our little man and now he is a daddy. And a great one. We are so proud of Jeremy and watching him parent is such a treasure and a joy.

Indulge me here. I have been playing around with my pics on the computer and thought this was cool. I am no pioneer woman but this is our posse of horses!

I am obsessed with taking pics of the sky. God paints some amazing things on His canvas of sky and I don't want to miss any of it. This sort of represents what I felt this past weekend. So much love and gratefulness I could burst. Thank you Lord for all the special fathers in my life, but especially thank you for being my Heavenly father who will never leave me nor forsake me.

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  1. What a blessing to have so many great fathers around! :)
    all the pictures are great, but I really like the horse one. what photo shop program are you using? I have photoshop elements, but have no idea how to use it. I'd love to take a class, I think DeAnn gives them for cameras and photoshop. we should do one together.