The peeps!

The peeps!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Circumstances

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)

I love Thanksgiving. It competes with Christmas for me as a favorite holiday. I love the anticipation of Thanksgiving, the getting ready for it, all the things that precede it get me that much more excited for it. I think it is a holiday that gets overlooked or is just seen as the Christmas kick-off. I have never felt that way about Thanksgiving. However, this year has been different for me. We had a flooding issue the last weekend in September and since then our home has been in total chaos. I mean we were having to go to the garage to search for our underwear every morning. Then if you have ever been in a remodeling situation you know how stressful that can be. I have been in a funk for six weeks. That is not like me. I love fall so very much and feel like I missed out on it. We have been so busy with our business and school is... well full of teenagers and you know that brings no stress! Anyway I have just been out of sorts and thinking life would never get back to normal for us. Well it has and as I sat down this morning in my cozy chair, (which has been covered in plastic for three weeks) to have some alone time with the Lord, I realized why I had been in a funk. I had not been having my quiet time. How ashamed I felt that I let an upside down house get me upside down. I had let the ole devil get away with turning my focus on everything that I felt was wrong in my life and stealing my joy. Then I felt ashamed as I thought about all the things that were stressing me out you know like:
My home is upside down and least you have a home
My job is so least you have a job
We keep getting work thrown at us.......Six months ago you were praying for more work
I was sick with myself. I love Thanksgiving, I love to give Thanks and I wasn't doing it.
So, what am I thankful for this year?
A loving gracious Father who sent His son to die for my sins
A loving gracious Father who has been waiting on me every morning to acknowledge Him and when I finally do, He wraps His arms around me and forgives me.
A husband who loves the Lord, loves me, loves our children, grandchildren, our employees, prays for those who are hurting, who works hard and makes me smile every day.
Children who come and help their sad parents out whenever we need them to, and never complain - at least not to us.
Two grand boys who make us laugh and bring us so much joy.
Our parents who have helped us so much, taught us so much, and loved us so much.
Siblings that we can talk to and count on to pray for us.
Friends that help out in all circumstances.
Our home.
Our health.
Our business that keeps growing.
The fact that we have decisions to make about where to spend Thanksgiving when so many others are alone, may we never take family for granted.
Bible study peeps that pray for me regularly.
My country.
Our soldiers.
My freedom.
My salvation, thank you Lord. Thank you, thank you.

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