The peeps!

The peeps!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


How long has it been???? Seems like forever. Do you ever feel the pace of life is so fast you are struggling just to catch it by the heels? I certainly have lately. So much as happened in just the month since I blogged last. School started again. Yippee! We moved into our new high school and are thrilled about all things new but missing very much the comfort zone in the old school. I teach seniors and they are missing their old haunt tremendously. One said to me the other day, " Yeah it was a rat hole, but it was OUR rat hole." They are so wise sometimes they don't even realize. I used that as an opportunity to preach, ahem I mean share with them that when they leave home this next year for college that will be very similar to what they feel. You don't appreciate what you have until you leave. And hopefully they will appreciate the foundation given them.

On another note our business is booming!! We are busier than we EVER have been but thanking God the whole time for the work. My husband and my mother are work horses like you wouldn't believe and I am trying hard to keep up. I had a brief meltdown the other day when I realized that I cannot do all things. I am trying to balance about 5 full time jobs, and the shock that I cannot keep up with them all was a downer for me. Why do we think we have to be Super Mom at everything?

We all went to what I consider to be one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever been to last weekend. Lake Greeson. My whole family, my in-laws, my parents, and one of sisters and her family spent Labor Day weekend getting some much needed R & R. The weather was great and we enjoyed just being together.

Well it is Saturday morning and the hubs and I are about to hunker down for a long day of work. Instead of being frustrated this is how I will spend my Saturday I will instead be thankful that we have a job to do, people who are helping us out because they love us, and that I have a husband that I enjoy working side by side with. We make a great team and there is no one I would rather do this life with than him.

Can you tell by the randomness of this post how crazy my head is? Have a blessed day!

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